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Date: December 2015



The term "mould oil" in most cases is not exactly. The group of such products is called "release agents". We offer 2 types of release products, designed for building and construction. Possible, but not recommended is their use for casting with aging of art products in reusable molds. In this case it is advisable to make a preliminary test as the applied layer should be as thin as possible. The both products must dry after application. In the construction this requirement is not so important, but in the preparation of castings with aesthetic value this is very important. The water emulsions freeze at low temperatures and this should be consdered in the work. It should be intend, that the absorbent and non-absorbent formworks take up different amounts of oil, so it can occur a significant difference in the texture of the concrete surface. Observe by work, that the liquid does not accumulate and do not drip.

Supplier: Rust LLC.