En Bg Контакти

Date: December 2015



Water borne lacquers become widespread use due to tightening controls on the discharge into the atmosphere of volatile organic substances. They are environmentally safe, the characteristic odor that is released during drying is weak and unsustainable. Meanwhile the acrylic exterior lacquers, which are resistant to external weather conditions, and those who are interior, can be modified with additives that impart them the appropriate properties. They are suitable for furniture, windows, garden furniture, beehives and others. Another their advantage is, that the viscosity adjustment is performed with water and the work tools are washed with conventional detergents for household use, but immediately after work. The professionals who have introduced the water-based lacquers in their work are satisfied with their performance. It is recommended to be applied to not more than two layers. However, the thicker is the coating, the more unclear and hazy becomes it. After drying it becomes transparent. Water borne lacquers dry quickly in conditions of low humidity and at a suitable temperature, but to achieve maximum strength they need some time. It is recommended that the air temperature in the spray and painting station to be maintained not lower than 20 degrees. By high air humidity, however, the drying process slows dramatically. Acrylic based lacquer coatings are gas-permeable. Water borne lacquers are extremely sensitive to extrinsic substances, so it is advisable not to attempt to "develop" customers own formulations. Do not mix with any other coating materials. Stir thoroughly before use. Do not dilute with more than 10% of water, otherwise there is a danger structure of the wood to swell. If dilute or color the lacquer, prepare the whole amount you need for the whole process of coating, so not to became nuances. A more uniform color of the surface is obtained by applying several thin layers, as compared with the application of one thick layer. If the wood will be in direct contact with the ground, it should be treated first with a deep penetrating prymer.

Supplier: Rust LLC.