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Date: December 2015



Fast-drying acrylic waterborne lacquer with low VOC emissions. They have a major advantage over solvent-based lacquers, because 10 hours after they're dried there is no discernible odor. This is especially important in the confined spaces - cabinets, drawers, wardrobes and others. The classical scheme is to be applied a two-layer coating. If it is opaque, the first hand might be easy for sanding filler (Italfiler), and the second hand - topcoat. However, at the manufacturer's discretion, it can be applied to only one layer. In this case, however, may occur problems with bristling of the wood, obtaining a not so smooth surface and there is a greater danger the lacquer to dry in uneven layer. Finishing coat should be made from durable lacquer (Italvarnish Hard). These lacquers are used on furniture, moldings, decorative elements and the like. The interior lacquers should not be used for products, exposed to external weather conditions.

Supplier: Rust LLC.