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Date: December 2015



Italvarnish are waterborne, low VOC, low odor emitting, fast-drying acrylic lacquers. They are designed for implementation of the so-called four-layer coating system. Rust LLC provides the following components: primer - intermediate layer - finishing coating. A UV protection is added to this system. The goal is to protect the wood from the harmful impact of the sunlight. The lacquer and the pigments are UV resistant. By application of the appropriate technology all V joints are sealed. Without this treatment there would be conditions for moisture retention and development of fungus colonies. The intermediate layer is made by a technology that ensures easy sanding, with a higher or lower degree of filling, but in all cases - sufficient. As a coating system, it provides the necessary flexibility and a very slow adjustment of humidity in the wood. It is gas-permeable. The lacquers are used for windows, garden furniture, beehives and constructions and others.

Supplier: Rust LLC.