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Date: December 2015



Summary: A waterborne, one component primer/intermediate acrylate coating for wooden surfaces. Developed to support high end quality. High build, recommended as key product in 4-layers exterior coating systems. The primer is handy and offers moderate to excellent end filling and levelling properties. The higher dry volume content of the ready-to-use Italfiller provides a high end voluminous surface and gives an excellent foundation for the subsequent layer of the top coat.


Appearance and composition

Ready to use paste with a yellowish color. Sandable after drying without much effort.
Color: Slightly opalescent.

Product Benefits

Description: Applied by flow coat, the product provides еxcellent pore filling and first-class coverage of end grains and V-joints. Depending on the wood chosen, its grain structure, and end quality requirements, the wet thickness applied regulates the effect of Italfiller.
Can be used on hard and soft woods. Easy to work with. Developed to achieve a best results for large wooden elements.
Features: Intermediate flow coat product for 4-layer coating systems. Fast drying, excellent sandability and adhesion. Can be applied 150 to 300 microns wet. High end wetting properties. Good flow on open pore and end grain on a primed surface. Thixotropic, with excellent levelling and filling properties.
Benefits: Flexible application, suited to large structures. Minimise costs and improve production speed and surface quality.
Italfiller is an important milestone in achieving extremely high quality. Depending on the type of wood, its structure and the quality requirements, the aesthetic effect of the finishing coat is different. It can be used on hardwood and softwood.
Easy to operate. It is designed to achieve excellent results on large items. Fills the open pores and bumps on the treated surface.
Sand the surface after its application with fine sandpaper. Apply to cleansed by dirt, resins, smudging oils, dust or old coating surfaces without fungal injuries (blue stain fungus, mold).

Supplier: Rust LLC.

Product Usage

Main applications: For windows and doors, furniture and other products with a superior surface appearance, incl. interior and kitchen furniture. Quick-drying, adhesive, easy for sanding. It can be applied by wet layer thickness of 150 to 300μm.
Application method: Flow coat, spraying. Can be slightly diluted and applied by flooding.
Density: 1.0 kg/l.
Best working conditions: Temperature of the surface above 18°C, humidity of the air below 70%. When humidity above 80% drying begins to slow significantly.
Storage temperature: 5 - 35°C.
Storage: Up to 6 months from production date.

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