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Date: December 2015



Summary: This is a multipurpose lithium grease, designed for lubrication of bearings, joints and other friction mechanisms operating at high pressure and fast revs. Its operating temperature is from -20°C to + 120°C (+ 130°C). The shelf life is 5 years. It is manufactured with penetration only NLGI 3 in packages of 0,4; 0,8; 3; 9; 15 and 180 kg drum.

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Appearance and composition

Miscibility with other greases.

L24 is a soft lubricant with light yellow to light brown color. It is an analogue of Uniel 3. It is manufactured of mineral oil with medium-viscosity, 100cSt(by 40°C), thickened with lithium soap of 12-hydroxystearic acid. A viscosity modifier is added, that improves the colloidal stability, the plasticity, the adhesion and the water resistance of the lubricant.

Product Benefits

It is characterized by its high dropping point temperature, high shear strength and good oxidative stability due to the use of antioxidants. The volatility of the oil is low. It has a high colloidal, mechanical and chemical stability and does not harden when heated. L24 has a good water resistance, but it can not be compared with the calcium and aluminum grease. Its antiwear and antiseizure properties are satisfactory.
Supplier: Rust LLC.

Product Usage

The main purpose of the lubricant is to reduce the wear of the friction surfaces and thus to extend the life of machines and mechanisms. Along with this it performs other functions too. In some cases, besides reducing wear, it optimizes them, preventing seizure, nagging or jamming of the friction surfaces. It can be used in friction units from nearly all types: rolling and plain bearings, joints, gears, friction surfaces of wheeled and tracked vehicles, industrial mechanisms, electrical machinery, and etc., operating at high load and revs. Thanks to the anti-friction properties, it significantly reduces the energy losses due to the friction, which allows to increase the performance ratio of the machines and mechanisms. The lubricant has some corrosion protective properties, without being heavy-duty conservation and preservation lubricant by its nature. It hinders penetration to the friction surfaces of aggressive liquids, gases, vapors and also abrasive particles (dust, dirt, etc.). It should be noted, that there is a good effect by using of UNIEL only in enough quality units and devices. In rough, unprotected of water penetration and contamination subassemblies the use of high-quality l24 is meaningless.
Operating temperature from -20°C to 120 (130) °C.
Storage and transportation: According to the Safety Rules for mineral oils and the rules for environmental protection. A product should be stored indoors, protected from direct sunlight and moisture.
Shelf life in original container under the recommended conditions: 5 years.
Recommended storage temperature: from -5°C to + 40°C.

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