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Date: December 2015



Summary: The calcium grease is designed for the lubrication of joints, bearings, working at low revs and other friction mechanisms operating at low pressure, normal to high humidity and temperature of from -20°C to 50 (60) °C. It meets the requirements of BSS 1415-84. It is manufactured with penetration NLGI 1, 2 and 3 in packages of 0.4; 0.8; 3; 9; 15 and 180 kg drum.

SDS TDS Brochure 1 Brochure 2

Appearance and composition

Miscibility with other greases.

The calcium hydrated grease is made from middle viscosity oil and calcium soap of fatty acids of animal origin. It is believed that the animal fatty acids are very good for this purpose, because their carbon chain of 18 atoms, gives the best result. It is used a fat with technical quality, but it is never used those of the incineration plants. Although the second is very cheap, the smell of decomposed protein is very bad, even shocking. Such a grease, however, is on the market in abundance. It has black color and is readily to recognition. Basically the fats of the incineration plants are heavily soiled. However, it is possible to filter them. We believe that it is inappropriate our customers to work with products that have so repulsive smell, so we prefer not to work with it, although it is cheaper.
The oil, which is used for their manufacturing has a viscosity of about 68cSt (at 40°C), and this is perhaps the best choice. It is possible to work with other viscosities, but only by request.

Product Benefits

This grease has high and water resistance and oxidation stability. It preserves its consistency for a long period of time due to the moderate mechanical stability and good storage stability. Also has relatively lower dropping point temperature, high dynamic water resistance and good lubricating characteristics. Other advantages of the hydrated calcium grease are that it prevents jamming of the friction surfaces, has good sealing properties and without being a conservation lubricant provides continuous corrosion protection.
Supplier: Rust LLC.

Product Usage

The calcium grease is intended mainly for lubrication of units, operating under milder conditions, or exposed to water, and where it is needed as protection from jamming - for example in industry, agricultural equipment and others. It is used for the lubrication of threaded connections, small gears, springs, chains and plain bearings, joints and other friction mechanisms and parts, working under medium pressure and low speed. This hydrated grease has good low temperature properties, however, is strongly not recommended to be used at temperatures above + 70°C (the recommended highest operating temperature is lower with 10°C), therefore, that the small amount of water contained in the lubricant, which stabilizes its structure, begins to evaporate and the structure of the lubricant breaks.
Operating temperature from -20°C to 60°C.
Storage and transportation: According to the Safety Rules for mineral oils and the rules for environmental protection. A product should be stored indoors, protected from direct sunlight and moisture.
Shelf life in original container under the recommended conditions: 5 years.
Recommended storage temperature: from -5°C to + 40°C.

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