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Date: December 2015



The metalworking fluids are designed to keep the workpiece at stable temperature by cooling them, while operating, and to provide lubrication in the process of turning, milling, grinding and others. Moreover, they help to improve the accuracy, lengthen tool life, reduce the number of interruptions and the like.
Metalworking fluids also are expected to protect the workpieces between the operations. However, this is an option which cannot be relied too much. Negative impact on this feature have moisture, tempering the workpiece, ambient temperature, weather and more. Especially dangerous are international shipments during the cold part of the year.
Choosing a MWF depends on the material, incl. its chemical composition, the speed of cutting, tools, machine type and others.
Contamination and depletion of the liquid: The new coolant can be likened to the charged battery, which discharges during the use.
Two factors are causing the most problems and shorten its life: The solubilization of the ferrous metals, resulting from the cutting (i.e. the obtained particles are so fine, that they do not precipitate) - and bacterial growth. These processes cause the fall of pH, i.e. the fluid ceases to be alkaline, and so starts the process of corrosion of both - the details and the machines. A negative influence render the leaks of hydraulic, gear and other oils, that contaminate the fluid. As they gather on the surface of the liquid in the tanks, they create conditions for the development of anaerobic microorganisms due to the stop access of oxygen. Although more aberrant, negative influence cause the residues of cleaning products after regular maintenances.
Routine maintenance of the MWF: The pH of the liquid, as well as concentration should be monitored and maintained. By working some ingredients are washed away faster than others. The inset of concentrate is a temporary solution. The professionals refilled also biocides.
Rust LLC offers the most popular product range lubricating and cooling fluids based on mineral oils (Emulsol R113, etc.). They are used for metalworking mainly of ferrous metals. A work with aluminum is possible. The fluid does not contain additives for working with copper and copper alloys, despite the fact that it withstands the corrosion tests. If You need such fluid, make an inquiry. It is delivered mostly in 180 kg barrel.

Supplier: Rust LLC.